Vintage style type-writer

mechanical keyboard

CNC 6063 Aluminum case
8 degree angle
Mount style based on top mount with gasket support
Each keyboard can support both 68 or 84 layout
1.6mm fully programmable PCB via QMK/VIA (choose from Hot-swap or solder)
PCB compatible with 3-pins or 5 pins plate-mount switches
Plate-mounted stabilizers
Positioning plate choose from PC, Aluminum, FR4 or PVD copper
Copper front decoration bar finished in gold PVD
Stainless-steel counter-weight finished in gold PVD
Solenoid valve (produce tradition type-writer sound)
Aluminum case finished in either Anodization or Electrophoresis
Color available in Black, White, Metallic Grey, Cream
Type-c connector
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Poron sound proof pack